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I was already expecting this story to be all mushy and stuff based on the given prompt and I wasn’t wrong. Harlie and Tabby are just all kinds of adorable!

Harlie’s totally into his roommate’s brother Tabby. The latter is gorgeous, graceful and kind while he’s alright in the looks department, a total klutz and totally not like Tabby. But that’s not how Tabby sees him.

When Tabby unexpectedly dragged Harlie for a little summer road trip, both discovered something they shared in common and harboring for the longest time…

This quick read is all kinds of bright stars, unicorns and butterflies that I’m positive that it will make you giddy pre and post-reading it. I know I did because I’m a sucker for – well unicorns and butterflies (?) hahaha. Nah – just one solid word to describe it though all – TOOFUCKINGCUTE. Oops!

I wished the ending was longer and not rushed but I’ve a feeling that there’s more to these two waiting for us.

I wouldn’t mind getting it sooner 😉

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published June 13th 2015 by M/M Romance Group @ Goodreads

The story was written for this years Don’t Read in the Closet Event 

Love is an Open Road over at the M/M Romance group on the Goodreads website.

I would like to thank everyone for spending time with Tabby and Harlie 🙂

I hope you had fun hanging out with the boys. Being able to share their story with you guys honestly means the world to me.

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